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Being a parent to a child enrolled in e-Learning gives you, as mom or dad, a front row seat in your child’s classroom each day. This can be both exciting and overwhelming, since this is a very new experience for all of us. We have a few suggestions to help you create a successful e-Learning experience for your child and YOU!

Create a routine

All e-Learning students have a schedule for instruction that is setup by the school and teacher. Creating and implementing a consistent routine in your home each day as part of this schedule sets a successful tone. The routine should set expectations for what time to wake up, eat breakfast, and be ready to start instruction. Setting the same start and end times each day provides the necessary structure that children and adolescents need to be successful. Be sure to schedule in time for lunch/snacks, bathroom breaks and time to disconnect and move around.


Daily attendance is expected. Please be sure your child attends all live sessions. If they miss all or part of the live sessions, eLearning students can be marked absence, tardy, or early dismissal.

Create and maintain an area free of distractions

Identify a space in the home that can be used consistently each day for e-Learning. Identifying a specific space or location allows students to make a conscious connection to that space for intentional learning activities each day. To help children stay focused and on task, make sure that the space is free of clutter and distractions (such as a television or a window to a busy street). Make sure the chromebook is fully charged and that the space has access to an electrical outlet. Before instruction begins each day, verify that your child has access to necessary supplies for the day’s lesson (teachers often send this information prior to the lessons each week).

Let your child do the school work

Choose a place near your child that allows for supervision, but expect that your child will do most of his/her work on his own. Elementary aged children will need help muting and unmuting themselves and manipulating the chromebook. Providing help and assistance such as this is appropriate and necessary with young children. While it will be tempting, please do not do school work or complete instructional activities for your children. Also be careful not to provide assistance to your child that would not be provided if he/she was in school face-to-face. Students regularly struggle, and this is appropriate and necessary for optimal learning to occur. Teachers strive to provide activities that create a “productive struggle” for students. Remember, before this year, parents didn’t have a front row seat so that “productive struggle” may be something that you, as a parent, haven’t seen from your child before now. Teachers are very familiar with this, and they know how to manage instruction if a student is struggling too much (or, in some cases, too little).

If you aren’t sure what to do, please ask

We know you are in a new role facilitating your child’s e-Learning, and we are delighted to have your help! If you have questions about what to do or how to do something related to your child’s e-Learning, please email your child’s teacher. Teachers welcome the cooperation of parents/guardians, and our e-Learning experience will be most successful when communication among all stakeholders is clear and consistent.

Thank you for your support and involvement in your child’s education. Thank you for the important role you are playing in e-Learning and in your child’s learning process!